Through beauty tips, feeding your body for optimal health and looking into your soul to claim the skin you desire!!

What if you could learn how easy it is to get rid of your skin problems and make your skin feel smooth and clear?
What if you could have access to the secrets to beautiful, younger skin and how to erase the effects of aging, while looking more radiant?

This is what is available to you right here, right now.

The driving spirit of my practice is the belief that your body is an intelligent being capable of healing itself if provided the right conditions. I run my practice to aid people who have grown exasperated with efforts to rid themselves of their skin problems. I know that it is important to feel good about the way you look. And when you feel good about the way you look, you glow, and people pick up on that. I also know that your skin is the first thing that people notice about you.

I have learned that personal appearance has a direct effect in how people perceive you; your credibility, self confidence, behavior, your capacity to succeed in business and/or social settings. When used effectively, it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to help achieve personal and professional success. You never know who you are going to run into. It is your appearance, your image that speaks the loudest without you saying a word.

According to the Social Psychology Research people when they first meet another person, they form a subconscious perception of that person based on appearance alone within 7 seconds. Your skin is a direct reflection of what is going on in your body. Your skin talks, sometimes very loudly.

Does your skin look stressed and tired? Is that how you feel on the inside? Chances are it is.

In my treatment room I work with your skin on the outside; a proper skin diagnosis will help us address your skin according to your skin type and needs. I will also recommend you products that will actually work for your skin, saving you time and money.

My Beauty Coaching sessions are specifically designed to address your skin from the inside, through nutrition and emotional support. Life is getting busier and busier for most of us and the physical and emotional stress caused by it has a huge impact in our bodies.

Your body is extremely wise; it has progressed for millennia and continues doing so.

Acne lesions, eczema, skin sensitivity, hormonal imbalance and adrenal fatigue, are cries for change. Acne, for example, is an autoimmune disease (a situation where the immune system attacks itself). The symptoms, such as acne lesions, can arise from several sources such as toxins in the body, poor digestion and emotional stress overload which trigger inflammation in the body.

I will guide you through a journey to get rid of your skin problems for good. In our sessions we will go a little deeper and get to the root cause and learn the hidden messages your skin is trying to tell you.

What happens internally is shown in your face. Your skin will reveal what is going on inside mentally, emotionally and physically.

You deserve to live a life of beauty and balance. It is time to feel good in your own skin!

Make your appointment today and discover the messages that are hidden underneath the surface to eliminate those signs once and for all and make friends with your skin for the rest of your life!

Beauty is about more than the external...

Being in communication with such a beautiful and strong woman allowed me to value my own strength and beauty and rise out of my struggle with grace. Working with Paula was invaluable experience. Her generosity and availability throughout the program and beyond is incredible. She really has a way of aiding you in getting to what is at the root of your acne and provides you with the tools to keep your skin clear, bright and beautiful.

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Self care & love = Beauty!

Three years ago I started having the worst eczema of my life. I had eczema when I was little, and seemed to have grown out of it. But it came back with a force this time around.

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